Cxbladder is more accurate and reliable than many other urine-based tests. This was confirmed in a large validation clinical trial published in a well-respected medical journal. Cxbladder test results can provide you and your doctor with confidence, reassurance and peace of mind.

The Cxbladder validation study:1

  • This large clinical trial involved 485 patients with blood in their urine who were being tested for bladder cancer.
  • Cxbladder Detect — when used in combination with cystoscopy — outperformed other urine tests and cytology (cell analysis under a microscope) [see Figure 1].
  • Cxbladder Detect had a high negative predictive value (97%). This means that Cxbladder helps your doctor to confidently rule out bladder cancer.
  • Cxbladder Detect identified 100% of T1–T3, Tis and upper urinary tract tumors.
  • Cxbladder Detect found 97% of all high-grade tumors.

Last Updated: 07 Apr 2020 11:27 am

  • References

    1 O’Sullivan et al. A multigene urine test for the detection and stratification of bladder cancer in patients presenting with hematuria. J Urol 2012;188:741–7

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