Enhanced Cxbladder Tests Deliver Improved Diagnostic Performance
13th December 2022

Pacific Edge today announces the acceptance for publication of new clinical evidence that shows significant improvements in the performance of its genomic diagnostic Cxbladder tests. These performance improvements were achieved by the addition of DNA biomarkers to Cxbladder Triage (CxbT) and Cxbladder Detect (CxbD). Read More

New Zealand's Southern District Health Region Adopts Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder Tests
21st July 2022

Pacific Edge today announces it has substantially completed a commercial agreement with the New Zealand Southern District Health Region (SDHR) for the use of its non-invasive Cxbladder genomic biomarker tests. Read More

STRATA Study to Validate Cxbladder Utility Reaches 50% Enrolment
07th July 2022

Pacific Edge today announces it has reached more than 50% enrolment in its study to demonstrate the clinical utility of its advanced genomic biomarker Cxbladder tests in safely stratifying low-risk patients presenting with blood in urine (hematuria). Read More

Kaiser Permanente Agrees to Cxbladder EMR Integration
01st June 2022

Pacific Edge today announces Kaiser Permanente, the largest integrated health provider in the US, has given the greenlight to incorporate Cxbladder tests within its Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Read More

Pacific Edge Appoints Vice President of Medical Affairs
31st May 2022

Pacific Edge is today pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Tamer Aboushwareb as Vice President of Medical Affairs, PEDUSA. Read More

LOBSTER Clinical Trial to Advance Cxbladder Monitor as a Standard of Care
10th May 2022

Pacific Edge today announces it is advancing its clinical evidence generation program with LOBSTER – a clinical study focused on demonstrating the clinical utility of Cxbladder Monitor for surveillance of recurrent urothelial cancer. Read More