Pacific Edge Launches Cxbladder Resolve - The Fourth Product in Suite of Cxbladder Tests
15th December 2016

Cxbladder Resolve, a front line tool for urologists targeting the identification of patients with high grade and late stage disease, is now available to New Zealand urologists and will be progressively launched into other markets, including the USA, throughout 2017. Read More

Pacific Edge Commences Official Launch of Cxbladder Monitor in the USA
13th December 2016

Cxbladder Monitor. Cxbladder Monitor is Pacific Edge’s third test in its Cxbladder suite of simple, accurate and non-invasive bladder cancer diagnostic tests and has been designed to be used on patients as part of their ongoing surveillance regime to quickly and accurately identify those who have a low probability of having recurrent cancers. Read More

Cxbladder Monitor Paper to be Published in Prestigious Journal of Urology
08th December 2016

The prestigious American Journal of Urology has accepted for publication a paper confirming the superior performance of Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder Monitor test for the surveillance of bladder cancer recurrence, offering patients with bladder cancer the potential utility of avoiding or deferring some cystoscopies. Read More

Positive Results in Kaiser Permanente User Programme
14th November 2016

Cancer diagnostics company Pacific Edge (NZX: PEB) has advised that it has successfully completed its analysis of the data from the large scale Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser) User Programme with positive and compelling findings. Read More

Pacific Edge Announces User Programme with Singapore General Hospital
03rd November 2016

Cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge Limited (NZX: PEB) has signed an agreement with Singapore General Hospital (SGH), the country’s first and largest hospital, to conduct a User Programme (observational study) with Pacific Edge’s Cxbladder Triage and Cxbladder Detect tests. Read More

Cxbladder Monitor Adopted by Waitemata District Health Board
25th October 2016

Cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge Limited (NZX:PEB), has received approval for its latest Cxbladder diagnostic technology, Cxbladder Monitor, from Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB) through the national procurement services of healthAlliance. Read More

Pacific Edge and Cxbladder in USA Today
26th September 2016

This past weekend in the US, Pacific Edge and Cxbladder featured in a publication titled "The Fight Against Cancer", which was included in over 450,000 issues of the USA Today in selected states, reaching some 1.3 million readers. Read More

Private Insurance Coverage Confirmed for Cxbladder
22nd September 2016

Cxbladder Now Covered by nib Health Insurance Read More

Pacific Edge Presents Positive Cxbladder Monitor Results
16th May 2016

Cancer diagnostics company, Pacific Edge Limited (NZX:PEB), announced today the presentation of positive results from a prospective multicenter Read More

Patient Community Connecting People Living with Bladder Cancer
11th May 2016

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness month. Read More